Top 7 Dresses for Every Plus Size Woman

I think that every girl, plus size or not, should have at least 7 basic dresses in her closet for all sorts of occasions.

Of course, if you are more of a ‘dressy’ girl then you have much more than that.

Here are my TOP 7 basic picks for every plus size woman. 

1. The LBD (Large Black Dress)

LBD’s are among our necessities, very much like underwear. We can wear it to a birthday party, we can wear it to the club or we can wear it at the office when we feel like ‘dressing’ up a bit. Here is my top choice for a LBD.

2. Summery, Flowery, Dressy

Now, who doesn’t want to feel like a young girl again, so vibrant with life? So, this dress is for the times when you want to feel young and fresh and vibrant. 

3. Maxi Dress for the Maxi-Fab

Maxi dresses are flooding fashion stores. No matter where we go we’ll always be seeing maxi dresses on people or on hangers. So, if you don’t have one yet – Get one for yourself! 

4. Smart Smock

We never know when we’ll get promoted or when we’ll have to attend a corporate event. So, if you wear a uniform to work or if you just prefer to go smart casual in slacks – now is the time to differ! Arm yourself with a smart dress or a smart suit to ready yourself for any battle. 

5. The Tube

A tube dress is an amazing creation. And, if you choose one in a neutral color, you literally have dozens of things to do with it. Scarves, fashion accessories, blazers, shawls and cardigans are just a few of the things that you can use to change the look of one simple dress.

6. LWD (Large White Dress)

Now, if you are already equipped with a few black dresses, why don’t you go and get a white one as well. Black is not entirely appropriate to use at weddings, so go and opt for a cream or ivory white dress. And when there are no weddings to attend, you can always use it during church.

7. Glittery, Shiny, Shimmering

For all those party needs, opt for something sparkling! Get a glittery party dress and shine your light at the nightclub! With a dress like this, you won’t ever go unnoticed.

When I was younger, I used to hate animal prints.

I thought that they were tacky and simply obstructive to the eyes.

Now that I am older, and somewhat wiser, I know that they are neither tacky nor ugly.

In fact, I think that animal print is very flattering.

Here is an animal print inspired outfit that I have a penchant on.

Hope you like it! <3

off-the-shoulder boho-inspired top! &lt;3

off-the-shoulder boho-inspired top! <3

boho plus chic :)

boho plus chic :)

I&#8217;m into boho now :)

I’m into boho now :)

I love this 1960&#8217;s type of dress! :)

I love this 1960’s type of dress! :)


Asos Curve
(via Refinery 29)


Asos Curve

(via Refinery 29)

(Source: sartorialbliss)

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ANTM Whitney &lt;3

ANTM Whitney <3

&lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3

<3 <3 <3

Ashley Graham of Lane Bryant &lt;3

Ashley Graham of Lane Bryant <3

Alexandra Underwood of ANTM &lt;3

Alexandra Underwood of ANTM <3

Tara Lynn for Elle France &lt;3

Tara Lynn for Elle France <3

Here is another maxi-dress that should be in every plus-sized woman&#8217;s closet. &lt;3

Here is another maxi-dress that should be in every plus-sized woman’s closet. <3

Maxi Dress Tips <3

Maxi dresses are perfect for anytime of the year.

Pastel colored Maxi Dresses in Spring,

Colorful short sleeve maxi dresses for summer,

Maxi dresses in earth colors for Autumn

and Black maxi dresses paired with knee-high boots and a Trench coat for Winter.

The best thing about them is that, they look great on plus-sized women.

This maxi dress (below) is perfect for any season.

Since it comes in a block color, you can style it anyway you would like.

By adding a chunky silver belt and dangling silver earrings, all that would be missing is a pair of Grecian-style strappy sandals and you would be all set for a night out with friends or that special someone. <3

Tips for selecting a Maxi-dress:

1. Dress accordingly with your body shape.

If you have an apple bottom, steer clear of dresses with vertical lines. Instead, go for dresses like this one here.

2. Fit the dress! Just because maxi-dresses are fit for plus-size women, that doesn’t mean that you can get away with wearing a maxi dress four sizes too small. Choose a dress that is not too tight, not too loose. Let the dress simply embrace your shape rather than stick to it.

3. Accessorize a lot! If you have a generous bosom, then slightly emphasize that by wearing a dangling necklace like this one below. Also, if you want to make your neck look longer, wear dangling earrings and put your hair up in a bun. It will not only make your neck look longer but it will also make your face look smaller. :)

Tara Lynn &lt;3

Tara Lynn <3